Today, there are so many different mobile phones on the market that it’s no wonder that thousands are simply thrown away each year. With the new release of an iPhone or competitor many people simply just put their old phones in the bin. This is a huge waste of money though and is also bad for the environment. The problem is, many people don’t realise they can get real money for selling old mobile phones and there are companies who will buy your phone no matter which make or model it is.

Recycling your old phone is definitely a good way to help the environment but it’s also a fantastic way to get cash in hand quickly which can then go towards your new phone.

When you send your mobile phones into a company to receive money you need to make sure that you do so in the freepost envelope that will be provided by the company. If you want to receive payment as quickly as possible it’s vital that you follow the instructions closely and send the phone off promptly as most companies have a maximum amount of days you can send in a phone before they cancel the order.

Another thing to remember is that you must NOT send your SIM card in when you’re selling old mobile phones for cash. Make sure the SIM has been removed and that any personal data has been deleted from the phone before you even consider selling old mobile phones.

So how does selling your old mobile phones work? Basically, you use a form to fill in the make and model of your phone. The form will then give you an instant offer from a number of different websites so you can choose the best deal. The amount you get will depend on how expensive he phone is and how old it is but remember postage is free so it’s always worth doing!

Once you’ve submitted your request the company you choose such as Envirofone or Mobile Phone Exchange will then send you a free postage envelope to you within a couple of days which you can use to send them the phone. Once they receive the phone they will quickly send you your payment! Selling old mobile phones really is simple.

If you have an old phone then you may not get much money from trading it in but for newer phones you can get a substantial amount even for broken phones. Selling old mobile phones isn’t difficult and only takes a few minutes of your time so it’s definitely worth looking to see which deals you can get. Remember to be completely honest with the manufacturer about the phone you’re sending in so that there are no problems. That means making sure they are aware of any technical faults on the phone before you send it in. Don’t let damage put you off though as the companies can often still find uses for phones.

What happens after selling old mobile phones?

You might wonder what happens after you’ve sold the mobile phone. In most cases they are sold onto people in countries where mobile phones are too expensive for many people. Because in these countries the majority of people can’t afford to get a fixed land line a recycled phone can make a huge difference to their lives. Second hand mobiles are obviously a lot cheaper for them to buy and hence allows them to keep in contact easier which is something that we take for granted most of the time.

Remember that recycling your phone is not just good for your bank balance but it also helps the environment as it won’t be thrown into a landfill.